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Yamazen Social Media Policy (For the Web and public content)

Yamazen Corporation (herein our company) complies with behavior and basic manners as set out below as policy for information transmission and publication through our official accounts (herein official accounts) in blogs, social media, and other user participatory media (herein social media).

Furthermore, this policy will be disseminated throughout our company to raise awareness of it so that private and voluntary use of social media by our employees not using official company accounts follows these guidelines.

1. Purposes for using social media

  We encourage marketing communication between our company (our employees) and stakeholders
  through appropriate information sharing, and to provide valuable information and knowledge.
  Having strong ties through communication not only increases the value of each employee,
  but also contributes immensely to the improvement of our company brand.

2. Awareness and responsibility for information transmission on and handling of social media

  When transmitting information on social media, we will always be aware that any number
  of users with various backgrounds and circumstances are able to access the information.
  Each employee will comply stringently to regulations defined by law and our internal
  regulations on information transmission. We understand that once information is
  published it cannot be completely removed from the Internet. We also remember that
  information published locally may have an influence worldwide and information published
  by individuals can be considerably influential.

  When posting comments about our company (our products and services), each employee
  will display his or her identity (name and, if necessary, title within our company) and
  write in the first-person. They will clarify that comments posted are their personal
  opinions and do not reflect the company’s opinion.

3. Consideration to readers

  We will respect our readership. Slander and insults to specific individuals, indecent
  content, and unacceptable actions at the work place are prohibited. We will be careful
  in regards to topics that could be considered sensitive, such as other’s privacy,
  politics, race and religion. As sensible individuals, we will also remember to listen
  to others and correct our own mistakes immediately if there are any.

  Although we pay maximum respect to comments from our readers, we will take necessary
  actions against comments that attack specific individuals, companies, countries, and
  regions based on the regulations of each official account.

4. Respect for copyright and fair use

  We respect regulations concerning copyright, fair use, and financial information
  disclosure. We will not mention nor refer to our partners or suppliers without their
  permission. When doing so, we will indicate links to sources. We will not publish
  information that leads to speculation, confuses our readers, and causes damages our
  customers as a result.

5. Preventing leaks of classified information

  We prohibit the disclosure of classified or proprietary information that belongs to our company

  or other companies in the public domain.


Message to our customers and users

  Not all the information transmitted from our company (our employees) on social media
  reflects our official stance or opinion. For official announcement, please visit our
  corporate website ( http://www.yamazen.co.jp) and take note of our press releases.
  We apologize in advance in cases where we are not able to reply to all comments
  from our customers.

Questions about our social media policy

  Please send any enquiries about our social media use using the Inquiry Form.