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Towards symbiosis with society

Concept of CSR

As a good corporation citizen, Yamazen contributes to society and is committed to enhancing corporate value.

What is Yamazen's basic concept of CSR promotion?

The core principles of Yamazen's management philosophy are: “management of human resources (fostering people that we can be proud of in society)”; “adaptive management (nurturing a corporate culture that can constantly adjust and respond to the current era)”; and “reliable management (contributing to the prosperity of the industry and an affluent society)”. 
CSR promotion aims to, through the manifestation of this management philosophy, fulfill Yamazen's role as “a good corporate citizen” and to enhance its “reliable corporate value” as an entity of service to society.

What sort of activities is Yamazen pursuing?

Yamazen has created and implements the “YAMAZEN Group Corporate Activity Charter” as a code of conduct for employee autonomous action. To enhance management fairness and transparency, Yamazen has established the “Internal Control System”, which aims to achieve business effectiveness and efficiency, secure reliability in financial reporting, maintain compliance with laws and regulations relating to business activities, and preserve assets. Yamazen has also established the “Internal Control Committee” for the performance of appropriate reviews, including risk management, and is establishing mechanisms for raising the effectiveness of various governance functions.

What is meant by an “appropriate review of CSR promotion activities”?

CSR promotion requires suitable governance systems. At Yamazen, we have established extensive systems and organizations for this purpose. Society, however, is constantly evolving. Thus, adapting to societal changes while adhering to fundamental policies is an important corporate mission. Taking on such a role means embracing responsibility.
In the performance of business, just as adapting to environmental changes is important, corporate activities overall must be capable of responding to the demands of society. CSR promotion requires appropriate measures to ensure that our systems, organizations, regulations, and rules are always in conformance with societal demands.

How does Yamazen view the importance of compliance?

We observe not only laws and regulations, but also the spirit behind them, that is, the values and ethics demanded by society. To this end, we are fully committed to highly transparent corporate activities that fulfill social responsibility.
To achieve maximum compliance, the “YAMAZEN Group Corporate Activity Charter” is distributed to our personnel, including those in overseas offices and group companies. Ongoing and thorough education will contribute to our promotion of ethical and fair business.

What is Yamazen's approach to risk management?

We established a risk management system that stabilizes the management base through a suitable approach to management risk, and, should there be a management risk event, minimizes its effects and reduces social loss as much as possible.
Under our risk management policy, supervising departments and relevant committees verify total risk. In the case of important risk, the PDCA cycle for continuous improvement kicks in. Plans are reviewed and executed, and effectiveness is assessed. Remedies and improvements are implemented based on assessment results. New action is taken after a review by the Board of Directors.

Private brand product sales seem to be expanding.

Yamazen original products are achieving recognition over a broad spectrum of fields. We are improving quality control above and beyond previous levels to ensure a safe and comfortable customer experience regarding the use of our products. In addition to strictly executing our own process control, we are constantly making improvements based on customer feedback.

Finally, what is the Yamazen approach to product liability-related accidents?

We have in place a system capable of speedy response, should one of our products incur a fault resulting in adverse effects on the customer. Specifically, we have devised and put into practice a safety action procedure, comprising such factors as enhanced call center functionality and the training of knowledgeable employees, which enable fast problem resolution.

Yamazen Group Corporate Activity Charter

Yamazen maintains sound ethics as a good corporate citizen. We respect human rights and comply not only with laws and regulations and international rules but also their spirit of such. As a specialized trading company, we also act on a socially sensible basis, contributing worldwide and to regional communities through the “distribution of a wide range of products and services of benefit to society”. Reflecting this, Yamazen has established 10 basic policy principles to establish a trustworthy corporate brand.
1. Provision of products and services from the customer’s standpoint
2. Fair, transparent, and proper trading
3. Timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information
4. Realization of an ideal working environment
5. Fulfillment of an environment-friendly business
6. Participation in social action programs
7. Confrontation with anti-social forces and organizations
8. Compliance with international rules and ensuring import-export controls
9. Compliance with statute and corporate ethics
10. Approach to problems and associated measures

CSR Promotion System

Yamazen maintains both sustainable profit growth (offence) and compliance (defense). To enhance corporate value, Yamazen has enacted a system that implements “internal control activities” and “management risk management” through action plans and other specific measures.

CSR Topics

Received the ISO14001 “10 Consecutive Years Award”

Yamazen was presented by the Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO) the “10 Consecutive Years Award”. This award is given to organizations for the accomplishment of 10 consecutive years of auditing to express appreciation for certified organizations and to honor efforts at continuous improvement. (March 2010)

At left, JACO President Mr. Shimoi; right Yamazen CEO Mr. Yoshii


Mayor's commendation for superior garbage reduction building

In recognition of the its Osaka Corporate Headquarters' achievement of receiving the superior garbage reduction building commendation for five years in a row, Yamazen was presented a letter of appreciation and a plaque by Osaka Mayor Mr. Hiramatsu at a ceremony held at the Osaka Kokan building (October 2009).


Installation of solar power generation at the Tokyo Corporate Headquarters

Comprising multi-crystal silicon solar batteries and a new control system, the system is expected to generate 20 kw for an annual power generation of 20,000 kwh and will achieve a 6.8 t CO2 reduction.

Regarding system introduction, we are utilizing the Field Test Project on Photovoltaic Power Generation system, carried out by the independent administrative corporation, New Energy and Industrial Technology Comprehensive Development Organization (NEDO). (February 2009).


Mayor's commendation for roads and the parks beautification project

Upon recommendation from the neighborhood association for its park cleanup on the second Tuesday of each month, Yamazen headquarters was conferred a letter of appreciation by Osaka Mayor Mr. Hiramatsu at a ceremony held at the Osaka Central Public Hall (September 2008).


Contribution overseas of used female employee uniforms

Used uniforms were collected upon the redesign of female employee uniforms and contributed to overseas areas, such as Laos and Peru, through the offices of the Japan Relief Clothing Center (NPO) (February 2008).